Nursing care


Bradley house provides care for residents with more complex needs and who require supervision and support from our dedicated team of registered Nurses and carers.


People who need this type of care may require recurrent medication regimes, wound care, continuous assessment and monitoring or specialised care plans.



Nursing care includes:


  • full-time care from highly qualified carers
  • medical care provided by the residents' choice of GP and specialist
  • medical treatment monitored and delivered
  • intensive cooperation with physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech and language therapists and various other Health Care Professionals
  • Ongoing assessments



Treatment of highly dependent people requires respect for each person's dignity and individual character. Bradley House Nursing Home provides full EMI residential care which is determined by the individual needs of each person and which takes into consideration the intimate environment of the resident. Our highly committed team is always available to offer stimulating, mobilising and rehabilitating care as well as creating that much-needed sense of security.


We also work closely with the dependent person's family to develop a high level of trust and personalised care for our residents.




























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