Preferred Provider for NHS Trafford and Surrounding Primary Care Trusts
Preferred Provider for NHS Trafford and Surrounding Primary Care Trusts

Satisfaction Surveys

During 2014/15 we have carried out three satisfaction surveys relating to the service we provide for our residents. The surveys were aimed specifically at Staff, families of our residents and Health Care Professionals who regularly visit our Home e.g. G.P.s, Nurses, Social Workers, Dieticians etc.

The surveys were done to get feedback on how our Home is perceived and how we could improve the service we provide. In general we were pleased with the results of both questionnaires which indicated very good satisfaction levels and also pointed out one or two areas where we could improve.


Staff Survey

It is very important for us that our staff are happy at Bradley House and that they feel valued. The results of our most recent staff survey in 2014, were very pleasing indeed. Staff satisfaction rating has risen from 71.4% in 2012 to a fantastic 95.2%!

We are very pleased that our staff are happy at work as this helps to add to the warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere we try to promote at Bradley House.


Family Survey 2015

In April 2015 we conducted a friends and family survey on the service we provide at Bradley House. This survey asked 29 questions across 5 different categories including caring, effectiveness, response, safety and leadership.  

These questions took the form of a statement of the ideal, e.g. " Staff take time to listen and explain information to my friend/relative." which was followed by a choice of answers - Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree or not applicable/dont know. Across the survey we took agree or strongly agree as a positive response and disagree or strongly disagree as a negative response.

26 of the 29 questions received 100% positive responses (either agree or strongly agree), this is a tremendous outcome, especially as friends and relatives had the option to remain anonymous. Staff should be extremely proud of this outcome. Of the 3 questions that did not score 100%, one scored 93% positive, the second scored 87.5% and the third scored 50%. The issue which scored 50% was in relation to odours in our home which we have addressed in several positive changes and we are monitoring this area very closely. 

Each survey had areas where relatives could give personal comments on our home. Examples of the comments we received are, " I cannot praise the staff and management at Bradley House enough", " I think Bradley House is a superb Nursing Home" and " the care and dedication of the staff is superb".




Health Care Professional Survey

In 2012,across all returned surveys an average score of 91.45% satisfaction was achieved. It was always going to be difficult to retain such a high rating BUT our Professional Health Worker survey,completed in Jan 2014, showed a satisfaction rating of an amazing 93.6%!

All our Staff should be very proud that the Proffessionals who visit Bradley House regularly hold our team, and the care we give, in such high regard. Despite our impressive satisfaction rating we have taken on board some minor criticisms that will be addressed in our constant goal of improving our service.


The full results of our surveys have been on display around our building for several months however, if you would like further details or would like to discuss the outcomes further please do not hesitate to contact Mike or Helen.


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