Dementia care 


Elderly Mentally Infirm 


Caring for people suffering from Dementia is always a challenge for family members and carers alike.


Father, mother, grandmother: suddenly they can't remember a loved one any more and feel unsure about their environment. That's when a professional, loving and well-structured programme of care is extremely important.


We have special facilities needed to support residents and help them live their life free from fear and with confidence. We are passionate about offering and providing residents with the best quality of life for those living with Dementia.


Staff throughout all departments at Bradley House are provided with Dementia training in understanding and caring for people living with this illness. 


We focus on effective communication and putting an understanding of the individual at the heart of care delivery.


EMI Nursing & care includes:


  • Multiple living areas with pleasantly furnished single and double rooms
  • Individuals' own furniture in their personal space 
  • Disabled-access bath and WC facilities
  • Continuous supervision and support provided by highly trained carers
  • Involvement of the family and resident in personal requirements and requests
  • Friendly, well-adapted living area for group activities
  • Spacious corridors 
  • A new pagoda where residents may relax and enjoy our quiet garden
  • Dementia friendly environment
  • 24hours Nusing care
  • Specialised staff training
  • Person Centred Care
























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